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Executive Master of Business Administration
Executive Master of Business Administration - Master of Business Administration - a program of additional post-university professional education, which corresponds to the professional training of senior managers and gives the opportunity to obtain the qualification of "Master of Business Administration".
The Executive Master of Business Administration program includes both managers who are interested in career growth, and specialists, entrepreneurs who are trying to master new areas of activity (which is impossible without obtaining special profile education).
Executive Master of Business Administration is a modern professional educational program that meets MBA standards, high efficiency of the program is ensured by organizing the educational process in the form of blended learning. This educational technology combines classroom forms of organization of the educational process and interactive online learning, which allows you to rationally manage learning time, control the pace and way of mastering educational material.
The Executive Master of Business Administration program was developed by specialists from the Warsaw University of Management, Apsley Business School (London) and involved professors from the TOP SKILLS Business Education and Consulting Center with the active participation of practitioners with real experience in managing and developing companies operating in international markets and the market of Ukraine.
The structure and content of the program is based on a modern methodology of change management, which is very relevant today for business. In the context of globalization and integration, increasing competition in the international market, the spread of modern information and communication systems, the external environment is constantly changing, creating increasingly difficult conditions for corporations and business structures. The high dynamics of the modern economic space requires managers to develop such key competencies as the ability to respond effectively and quickly to change. The formation of this competence is possible provided that sufficient attention is paid to change management, which involves the transformation of all areas of activity as a whole, or its individual subsystems from the current to the desired state, which better meets the external environment: consumer needs and society as a whole.
The methodological basis of the course of the educational program consists of methodical developments and theories of the process of change management, which are owned by business coaches, namely such well-known domestic and foreign scientists as I. Adizes, J. Kelly, J. Kotter, A. Armenakis, I. Ignatieva , O. Garafonova, L. Greiner, F. Guillard, J. Duck, R. Duft, J. Pfeffer, R. Hall, M. Hannan, K. Freilinger.
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