The specialists of our consulting department are ready to help you in the following areas:

A. Enterprise management in a crisis situation:
1. Legal and economic analysis of enterprise management:
1.1 study of the history of the development of the enterprise;
1.2 analysis of the business activity of the enterprise;
1.3 analysis of the efficiency of using the resources of the enterprise (fixed assets, material resources, etc.);
1.4 analysis of the efficiency and intensity of the use of the personnel of the enterprise;
1.5 analysis of the effectiveness of the financial and economic activities of the enterprise;
1.6 identification of the main stages in the development of the enterprise;
1.7 analysis of transactions and contracts during and after the peak point of the enterprise development;
1.8 identification of management decisions, conclusion of transactions and contracts, after which the pace of development of the enterprise began to decrease, slow down;
1.9 report on the state of the enterprise and possible solutions.

2. Management and structural aspects:
2.1 study of the administrative structure of the enterprise;
2.2 study of subordination, subordination of individual structures in the enterprise and the scope of delegation of tasks;
2.3 study of the effectiveness and speed of accomplishment of assigned tasks;
2.4 study of the personal files of employees, analysis of the suitability of employees for their positions (competence and ability to perform the tasks assigned to them);
2.5 identification of weak links in enterprise management;
2.6 report on the administrative structure of the enterprise and possible options for its optimization.

3. Support in the implementation of the adopted solutions

B. Support for foreign investors in the implementation of projects on the territory of Ukraine:
1. study of areas of activity for investment;
2. study of sales markets;
3. study of the business plan and its compatibility with the real market situation;
4. legal and economic support in starting a business and choosing a tax system;
5. preparation of a strategy for entering the Ukrainian market and selection of a suitable administrative structure of the enterprise;
6. preparation of psychological portraits and requirements for future employees;
7. checking personnel for compatibility in the team to achieve the best results;
8. support of the enterprise in its work.

Saadallah Mohammed
Leading specialist in consulting and business planning
Has over 15 years of experience in international companies in Ukraine, EU, Tunisia. Working languages are Ukrainian, Russian, English, French, Arabic.
Тел. +38 (096) 875 20 05
Astakhova Anna
Leading specialist in economic and financial issues
She has more than 20 years of professional experience in this field, worked with both Ukrainian enterprises and representative offices of foreign companies in Ukraine. Working languages are Ukrainian, Russian, English.
Тел. +38 (050) 225 80 87
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